Markel’s directors’ liability insurance BV offers cover for the risks that directors, supervisory directors and/or supervisors run in order to be addressed in their private assets by a trustee. All directors and supervisory directors are insured. Directors’ liability insurance BV can be calculated directly below. Our choice of insurance company for this risk is Markel. (For Foundations and Associations click here.)

Directors’ liability insurance BV

In addition to the fact that Markel is a strong and solid insurer, they make the difference with competitive premiums, generous conditions and worldwide coverage for Directors’ Liability Insurance BV – NVs:

Markel’s directors’ liability insurance offers cover for the risks that directors, supervisory directors and/or supervisors run in order to be addressed in their private assets.

Directors, supervisory directors and supervisors sometimes do not realize exactly what the position entails. Decisions are made for the benefit of the company. However, if such a decision does not turn out well, the director can be held personally liable for improper management, also for the mistakes of a fellow board member (collective and joint and several liability).

There are various reasons why you’d apply for a director’s liability insurance BV. Some important reasons are:

Jurisdiction of Directors’ Liability Insurance BV

The law and especially jurisprudence are developing. This changes the obligations and responsibilities of directors and supervisory directors and the liability risk.

Increase in claims

Parties are increasingly trying to recover damages and are becoming more aware of their options for making claims against directors and supervisory directors.

Costs of defense Directors’ liability insurance BV

Even if you are not to blame, you can still be approached by third parties and/or your own company. The defense costs can be high. This Director’s Liability Insurance is an excellent solution for that.

Details of Directors’ Liability Insurance BV

The Online insurance is intended for private and public companies. There are two variations.

  • The Online insurance is intended for private and public limited companies with a consolidated annual turnover of less than € 5 million.
  • The Online ABC start-up insurance is intended for private companies with a consolidated annual turnover of less than € 1 million. The private company must have been established less than 2 years ago.

Coverage for the liability of:

  • an insured for damage suffered by third parties as a result of an act or omission in the capacity of director, supervisory director, co-policymaker or liquidator of the group;
  • an insured for damage suffered by third parties as a result of an act or omission during the incorporation phase of a subsidiary newly established during the insurance period.

Professional risk management

Many companies are clear when it comes to basic risks. Think of fire, burglary and liability. Some companies need a much more intensive risk analysis to gain insight into the risks and to get them under control. Take a look at this professional risk management page. A Directors’ Liability Insurance BV provides insurance cover once things have gone wrong. However, prevention is much cheaper and this checklist is part of that.

Do you really want to thoroughly analyze your company and make sure that you know every other risk in addition to Directors’ Liability Insurance BV and assess whether you want the risk:

  1. To accept
  2. To limit
  3. Building up a reserve
  4. External insurance

The equation

We assess a director’s liability insurance BV and the insurers on the following points:

The outcome of our insurance comparisons results in a proposal for an insurance policy that, with our knowledge and experience, gives the best price / quality ratio. We also take into account weighted differences between the statutory liability cover and the All Risk Casco insurance including all extra modules. Do you have tips or other insights; we value your opinion. In subsequent comparisons, we will incorporate this information in our comparative statement.

Policy costs and profit surcharge insurer

Every insurer uses a cost and profit mark-up. These policy costs and the premium may differ from year to year and depend on the number of national claims and forecast of the expected claims and additional costs. Your own claim has no consequences for the amount of your personal follow-up premium. The aforementioned premium for the Directors’ Liability Insurance BV always includes all costs with the exception of insurance tax. We only compare reputable insurers with a good track record and a stable premium and conditions level.

Our income

Our income is a fixed percentage of 15% of the premium without insurance tax. This percentage is in line with the market and is intended for activities such as application, management, control and claims handling. The stated premium always includes this commission surcharge. We are independent of insurers and have no turnover obligations or specific commission agreements.

Damage Director’s liability insurance BV

If there is damage, we ensure that the insurance company offers help and pays out quickly. Damage often means bankruptcy with the many emotional aspects that go with it. The insurer will take care of the legal aspect.

Bankruptcy risk and overrun Director’s liability insurance BV

A director who has experienced it knows the concerns surrounding bankruptcy. Even if there is a director’s liability insurance. A small but essential detail is worth mentioning. If there is damage, it is important that the insurer of the director’s liability insurance is informed as soon as possible. Technically, we are then dealing with a “Expiration of directors’ liability” risk. See also article by Veen Advocaten.

Termination of directors’ liability

The need to react promptly when directors’ liability expires has everything to do with the risk that the trustee often terminates the directors’ liability insurance quickly. And then there is the risk that no more claims can be made. Depending on the insurer, after the declaration of bankruptcy, the claim must be filed immediately. Often within 3 months.

Policy check on run-off risk

To avoid any risk surrounding the directors’ liability insurance, it is therefore wise to check your policy for this excess directors’ liability risk. If you would like us to take a look, feel free to send us the policy digitally. Checking the excess directors’ liability clause is free of charge.

Exclusions Director’s liability insurance BV

In addition to the risk of running out of directors’ liability, there are situations in which no compensation is often given. The most important can be found below:

  • You or another insured caused the damage intentionally.
  • A penalty or compensation clause, unless the insured is also liable without that clause.
  • Fines in whatever form are excluded from the cover. This also includes that part of a damage that is awarded by law or a court decision in addition to the damage actually suffered.
  • Unlawfully favoring the insured personally or third parties, or fraudulent act or omission by the insured.

Other liability insurance

A BV, NV, foundation or association almost always has a director’s liability insurance BV. However, the organization has many more responsibilities. In many areas, claims can be expected if damage is caused by the organization. As a director, you can also be blamed and presumably held liable if a claim for damages causes the bankruptcy and this bankruptcy due to your “negligence” to not fully cover the risk. This does not always have to be done through insurance, but can also be done through other means that are part of a good risk analysis. below we have a brief summary of possible liability risks.

  • General liability. Covers liability if your business activities cause harm to others.
  • Product liability. Covers liability if one of your products causes damage. This also applies to products that are produced (or put into circulation under your responsibility).
  • Employer Liability. Covers liability if someone sustains damage during or as a result of work. This applies to your staff and other persons who work under your direction. Examples of damage: industrial accidents and occupational diseases, accidents in traffic: on foot or by bicycle.
  • Employee damage insurance. Traffic accidents involving a motor vehicle are not insured under the AVB. This requires separate workers’ compensation insurance (WSV).
  • Environmental liability. If you suffer damage caused by sudden environmental pollution, you are insured as standard for damage to persons. Damage to belongings of others is only insured in the event of air pollution.


Insurers like to work on the basis of known risks. If a risk is well known, a premium for a director’s liability insurance BV can often be provided immediately or quickly, with the right conditions. An often used method is to opt for the SBI (Standard Business Classification) of the Chamber of Commerce. However, a number of companies have more different types of activities, which are also not always in line. Insurers will then manually determine the premium or, in extreme cases, even reject an application.

Unexpected other risks

  • The volunteer insurance. Every volunteer can hold the organization liable in the event of damage and therefore want to be compensated for the damage. There are also accident benefits that are intended for, for example, outings or traffic. Premium calculation.
  • Liability insurance. If someone else has damage, then that damage is insured with liability insurance. Premium calculation.
  • Legal aid insurance. Legal help in disputes because lawyers’ fees can be high. Premium calculation.
  • And of course the Directors’ Liability. This policy ensures that the Driver cannot be held financially liable because at that time he/she can also be made personally liable. Premium calculation.

A specialist

You are immediately satisfied, we take care of that. We do this very quickly if possible and thoroughly if it is useful to you. You can also indicate that we must keep a distance. If you appreciate that we help immediately, we will be in touch quickly; even if you want to have a quiet discussion in the evening or at the weekend. You can read Gerrit-Jan Doorneweerd’s personal story here.

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