30% ruling pension benefits The Netherlands

Pension accrual and the 30% rule (30 percent ruling) for expats

If certain conditions are met, expatriates may be eligible for the 30% rule. This arrangement means that there is a tax-free allowance which will be given up to 30% of wages. The tax free fee is for the extra cost of the temporary residence of the expat in the Netherlands. This allowance is tax not paid.

Pension benefits

In principle you usually do not build up pension on the tax-free reimbursement of the 30% rulers. The pension benefits granted by your employer are based on your taxable salary; thus lower since the “top” is taken off as a tax free reimbursement.


The main rule is that the 30% reimbursement gives no accrual pension. However there are two exceptions:
1. Incoming employees accruing pension over the 30% rule with an initial accrual pension prior to July 1, 2002. The pension may be continued until the end date of the existing approval of the tax authorities with the relevant employer. This exception applies until July 1, 2012 (or earlier termination date of 30% Decision);
2. If exchange of remuneration components held under a cafeteria plan.


Due to the 70% level of pension salary the widows and orphans pensions are also 30% lower. This gap is easily compensated with a private life insurance.

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