information technology liability insurance

IT information technology liability insurance insures risks associated with: Advice / consultancy, development, sales, implementation, licensing, security, testing, audit / research, management & managed services (asp / isp), maintenance, cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) domain name registration, co-location, back-up, project and interim management, secondment, recruitment & selection, education & training of technology products and / or services (hardware and software and associated infrastructure). Professional indemnity insurance

IT automation liability insurance exclusions

To be able to use this online offer for the IT automation liability insurance, you must be able to declare the following. That no activities (technology products and / or services) are delivered and / or performed on behalf of

  1. The automotive sector focused on the security or control of the production process and / or the production of the motor vehicles themselves
  2. Systems / machines that control a production or logistics process (process control software / industrial automation / embedded software)
  3. Medical and / or laboratory purposes that in case of failure directly results in personal injury
  4. Systems that regulate the security or control of motor vehicles, aircraft and / or trains
  5. Games, ringtones, music downloads and / or sound logos
  6. That no sales are generated directly or indirectly in the United States of America and / or Canada.
  7. There are no establishments outside the European Economic Area (EU + Iceland + Norway + Liechtenstein) that need to be insured.
  8. Not to be held liable as IT automation for errors committed in the performance of the activities to be insured in the past 3 years and not to be aware of any (current) claim or circumstance that leads or can lead to a claim of a third party against the policyholder / insured parties for compensation for damage.

Cyber information technology liability insurance

The Hiscox CyberClear Cyber ​​Insurance (premium and conditions) covers the consequences of: System intrusion, Theft or loss of confidential information, Cyber ​​liability, Hacking or Cyber ​​extortion. Responding quickly and effectively to data loss, hackers or cyber attacks limits the damage. Hiscox cyber insurance includes assistance from experienced security professionals, with global reach and extensive legal expertise.

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Online premium calculations

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