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Employees: those with an employment contract, temporary workers (temporary workers, seconded persons, self-employed persons/freelancers), payrollers, holiday workers and/or on-call workers. Request a customized quote for more than 25 employees.
Volunteers: those who perform non-compulsory and unpaid work on the basis of a voluntary agreement or whose records show that voluntary work is performed in some other way.

DGA: director-major shareholder, partners, partners or the person on whose behalf the sole proprietorship is run. Additional premium € 85 per year per DGA.
Motor vehicles: all motor vehicles (including passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks, mopeds and work equipment) that are owned by the employer and/or co-insured affiliated companies or that are rented or leased by him.

Yearly premium €

Insured amounts and conditions

  • Insured amount per event € 3.000.000
  • Franchise € 1.000
  • Insured amount Damage Insurance Occupants € 1.000.000
  • Amount insured for accidents Category A € 5.000
  • Amount insured for accidents Category B € 10.000
  • Premium per year excluding 21% insurance tax.
  • When paying monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, there is a surcharge of 5%, 4% or 3%.
  • Policy costs € 4,-.
  • Acceptance and final determination of premiums, terms and conditions takes place after assessment by Turien.
  • WEGAS XL insurance conditions – download pdf
    WEGAS XL brochure – download pdf

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    Reservation. We are able to offer the premiums and conditions of many insurance companies online in a transparent and expert manner. We can often even provide you with provisional insurance cover. Final acceptance will always be given by the insurance company, with the issuance of the insurance policy or via email/letter. Everything is clearly explained in our disclaimer. Our own delivery conditions under which we work, you can download here.