Directors and Officers liability D&O premium 2020

Directors and Officers liability

Directors and Officers liability is mainly a personal risk. There are circumstances under which a managing director of a Dutch limited liability company may, however, be personally liable towards third parties on the grounds of tort. The question of personal liability of a director most often comes into play when creditors of the company are left unpaid.  A managing director is liable if he has entered into an agreement on behalf of the company while he knew – or reasonable should have known – that the company would be unable to perform its obligations under the agreement and would not be able to provide recourse for the damages suffered as a result of that breach of contract.


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Directors and Officers liability insurance gives peace of mind

Global business and supply relationships as well as more stringent compliance requirements are increasing the liability risks faced by corporate leaders and executives. If they make questionable decisions, they can have claims for damages made against them. D&O liability insurance gives decision-makers the peace of mind they need to fulfil their work responsibilities.

Directors and Officers liability safety net

Management boards, CEOs and supervisory boards assume responsibilities for their companies. Business activities can however quickly result in losses impacting on their own companies or third parties – be it from a mistaken investment decisions, non-compliance with a newly introduced law or making false statements during a tender process.

Increasing Directors and Officers liablilty claims

Executives are then increasingly frequently confronted with claims for damages. Corporate leaders have potentially unlimited liability for financial losses up to the amount of their private assets. Directors and Officers liability insurance provides a safety net to those executives affected, which covers them in an emergency and prevents seizure of their personal assets.

Insurance cover

The D&O liability policy provides insurance cover if a member of an executive body has a claim for damages made against them as a result of a breach of duty. In the event of a claim, HDI determines what is covered and who is liable and pays compensation for justified claims.

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Money and help

  • Directors and Officers liability insurance covers decision-makers against statutory liability claims by third-parties and by their own companies.
  • Corporate leaders are provided with substantial support in the event of a claim.

Each entry into a foreign market increases the compliance requirements faced by companies and their executives. You can insure against these liability risks in line with local requirements through an international insurance programme.

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