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Good pensionmanagement depends on finding the right balance between competing interests such as attractive pensions, costs, certainty, indexing, risk and manageability. At the same time, proper account has to be taken of the interests of both the employer (the sponsor) and the employees. We have a wide-ranging experience of the various solutions that can be deployed to answer questions.

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Questions to be asked pensionmanagement

  • How can organisations use their pension scheme to differentiate themselves from their labour market competitors?
  • How can we minimise the risks and costs of their scheme?
  • How can we offer participants attractive pensions in return for acceptable contributions?
  • How can regulations and pension schemes be made comprehensible and operate transparently?

Pensionmanagement = Employee benefit

pension management

Good pensionmanagement enables organisations to provide pension schemes meeting the needs of current and future employees, while also helping them to achieve their organisational objectives. Good pensions mean employees can count on a financially secure retirement, while employers can attract and retain the right people at an acceptable cost and level of risk.

Pension balance

The key to good pensionmanagement, therefore, is to find the right balance between the various competing interests. Providing an attractive pension scheme comes at a cost, while there is also a tension between guaranteeing future pensions and preserving their value. Employers seeking to reduce risks by contracting out their pension scheme management also need to ensure they maintain sufficient control over the details of the scheme.

Pensionmanagement specialist

We have the knowledge and experience needed to advise organisations and provide them with a policy framework for resolving these issues. The wealth of knowledge built up during the sector’s long history means it has the expertise to deal with wide-ranging forms of pensions, whether they are defined benefit or defined contribution schemes or a hybrid form. And whether they are part of a sector pension fund or an organisation’s occupational fund or directly insured by an insurance company.

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