Liability insurances Netherlands. 7 variations and online application

Liability insurances Netherlands are important for English firms with a subsidiary in The Netherlands. You will have to get informed about the different kinds of liability insurances which mitigates the company risks in The Netherlands. Most of the insurances are voluntary but some of them are mandatory (all motor vehicles). We can help you in choosing for the right liability insurances Netherlands .

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A summary of the main Liability insurances Netherlands

Dutch liability insurances

The main 6  Liability insurances Netherlands are:

  1. General business liability
  2. Professional liability
  3. Product liability. (details)
  4. Environmental liability risks
  5. Directors/officers liability
  6. Cyberrisk business liability
  7. Employers liability

1. General liability insurances netherlands

Your company is liable  if

  1. Your company (or an employee) is responsible for damage of property of someone else. For example; if, due to a fire in your building, you are also responsible for the claims if the building of your neighbor is burned down. This general Liability insurances Netherlands will insure this risk.
  2. Personal damage. If your company (or an employee) causes a personal damage they will sue your company for the financial consequences.

Liability insurances Netherlands is voluntary but we find this insurance a no-brainer. The risk change is low, but the damages and claims can be huge. The premiums are most of the time moderate. There is a width range of different insurances with extensive coverages.

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Dutch retirement plan 5 options and direct online pricing

Dutch retirement plan

The future of ten employees financial security will largely depend on the Dutch retirement plan. It is important to understand how this plan works and which benefits they will be entitled to. It is also important to understand the choices they can personally make with respect to your retirement plan. After all, it is their retirement plan. We have set out the options so that they can make well-informed decisions and choose the Dutch retirement plan that meets their individual needs. Please check also the state pension arrangements.

The options described below do not apply to every pension scheme. Which options apply will depend on the retirement plan your employer has selected. If you want to know which conditions and choices apply to the employees, check your copy of the pension regulations or review the introductory letter you received from the insurer when you started as a company the pension scheme.

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Options Dutch retirement plan

Pension plans in Dutch retirement plan offers members a range of options. It is important to make sure that you are properly informed on options such as:

  1. Opting for a higher retirement pension (the benefit they will receive upon retirement) in exchange for a lower partner’s pension (the pension your partner will receive after your death) and
  2. a higher partner’s pension
  3. Retiring earlier or later.
  4. Opting for variable retirement benefits.
  5. Part-time pension.

A (Dutch) online calculation page

Higher Dutch retirement plan

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Pension benefits Netherlands 2020 easy 3 steps scheme

Pension benefits Netherlands are a set of financial arrangements providing your employee with an income upon retirement. A retirement plan generally consists of three parts:

1. A statutory state pension benefits Netherlands

Pension benefits Netherlands

From the age of 67/68, everyone who lives in the Netherlands receives a state pension under the General Old Age Pensions Act (Algemene Ouderdomswet AOW). State Pension benefits Netherlands. The Dutch AOW pension (paid under the National Old Age Pensions Act, AOW) is a basic state pension. As a rule, everyone who has reached the AOW pension age and lives or has lived in the Netherlands is entitled to an AOW pension. SVB will pay your AOW pension with effect from the day you reach the AOW pension age that applies for you. It makes no difference in which country you live at that time.

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2. Employer Pension benefits Netherlands scheme

Under the administration of an insurer or pension fund, the contributions paid by you and taken from your employee’s paycheck accrue to the retirement benefit of your employee. The pension fund will provide information on the target pension and accrued value in the annual uniform pension statement (UPO).

Calculation pension contribution employee (dutch)

Calculation defined contribution scheme

3. A supplementary Pension benefits Netherlands

Your employee may have made private arrangements to supplement his pension through savings, investments or an annuity from an insurance company or pension fund. This is not a pension benefits Netherlands because there is not an employer involved.

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Dutch Product liability insurances. Transition tips & easy online application

Disclaimer Dutch product liability insurances. Due to the changing legal situation in 2020-2021, the information below can change quickly. Call us if you want an update and possible consequences for your product liability situation. Aks for more information here.

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Dutch product liability insurances future

Creating Dutch product liability insurances will be a tour de force to create a new balance between UK en EU. If something is wrong with your product that you have sold, and a buyer encounters property damage of personal injury, you may be liable as a producer. Due to the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, product liability also changes. To get a clear understanding of the future situation you have look from different perspectives of Dutch product liability insurances:

UK-based company selling products in EU-zone.

Dutch product liability insurances

Your product liability in the current situation will differ as soon UK is a third country producer. A customer can claim his financial damages directly as the producer if your product is the cause of an accident or damage. Dutch Product liability insurers will be reluctant to incorporate these risks in their insurances.

EU-based company selling products in the UK

Before, the UK is within the EU-zone. Therefore, your product liability before the transition is that you are an inside EU producer. A UK-customer can claim a financial loss directly if your product is cause of an accident or damage. This is also due to the current European legislation. Product liability insurers have clauses which incorporate these product liability insurances.

Retailers and consumers in the UK en the other EU countries are always allowed to sue you directly if there is a product liability. Retailer who sell your products are not liable can be transfer the claim to the EU producer.

The product liability after transition

1. You are a UK-based company and sell your products in the EU-zone.

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Dutch insurances premium and conditions pricing 2020

Dutch insurances & pensions are not mandatory. But most businesses want to insure their Dutch employee benefits (pension, illness en disability) and their business risks. Below you find a summary of some aspects of the Dutch insurances and risks in the netherlands.

Dutch insurances: General liability

Dutch insurances

Business owners obtain general liability insurance to cover legal hassles due to accident, injuries and claims of negligence. These Dutch insurances safeguard against payments as the consequence of bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, liability claim, slander, the cost of defending lawsuits, and settlement bonds or judgments required through an appeal procedure. This kind of insurances are not too expensive (relatively) and is an important business insurance; a no-brainer. These insurances are a part of the Dutch insurances & Employee Benefits.

Dutch insurances: Professional liability 

Business owners providing services should think about having professional liability/ Indemnity cover (additionally acknowledged as errors and omissions insurance). This form of liability coverage protects your business against misconduct, errors, and negligence in provision of services towards your customers. Depending on your profession, you may be required by your government to hold such a policy. Professionals are often obliged to procure malpractice insurance as a stipulation of practicing in most countries. This insurances are a part of the Dutch Insurances & Employee Benefits.

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Indemnity Insurance. Professional liability pricing 2020

Beroepsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering = Indemnity Insurance

Dutch translation
Beroepsaansprakelijkheid alle premies online
Indemnity Insurance

Business owners providing services sometimes insure their professional liability/ Indemnity Insurance (additionally acknowledged as “errors and omissions insurance”). This kind of liability coverage protects your business against misconduct, errors, and negligence in provision of services to your customers / client. Depending on your profession, you may be required by your client or a government to hold such a policy. For instance, physicians are obliged to procure malpractice insurance as a stipulation of practicing in most countries.

Average Indemnity Insurance cover € 500.000,-. Princing

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Defined contribution pension or a guaranteed pension?

Defined contribution pension

Your employer pays a monthly Defined contribution pension premium towards your pension. Your employer determines whether he pays the entire contribution or if you should also pay a part. What happens with your contribution depends on the choices made by your employer.

Your options Defined contribution pension

When you start a pension plan, you build up (accrue) pension by investing. This is a employee Benefit. We call this your Defined contribution pension. If your employer has given you the option to choose a guaranteed pension, you can use (part of) your contributions for a guaranteed pension. You can also convert (part of) your Defined contribution value into a guaranteed pension.

So depending on the choices made by your employer there are two possibilities:

  1. Defined contribution pension.
  2. Defined benefit pension.

Defined contribution pension investments

Defined contribution pension

The insurer invest the contributions towards your pension by default using the so-called Lifecycle method. Lifecycle investing includes lowering the risks of the investments as you get closer to the retirement date. The idea is that if you are about to retire, you also prefer more certainty about the amount of your pension. If your retirement date is still far in the future, you have more time to compensate for any setbacks. Therefore it is wise to take a little more risk during this early phase with the aim to obtain a higher return. Depending on the choices made by your employer, you can choose to invest in a different way by taking more or less risks.

Advantages of investingDisadvantages of investing
It is possible that the return on the Defined contribution pension premium is higher than expected. Your final pension will then be higher than expected.The amount of pension that you will receive is uncertain. If the returns are lower than expected, your final pension will also be lower than expected.
Depending on the choices made by your employer, you can modify your investments to suit your personal situation. 

Defined contribution pension or purchasing a guaranteed pension

By default, insurers invest your Defined contribution scheme using the Neutral Lifecycle. Once a year you can determine whether you want to build up (accrue) a guaranteed pension in addition to investing.

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Employee Benefits Netherlands. 3 easy tranches and pricing 2020

English companies wishing to settle in the Netherlands are faced with strict legislation about Employee Benefits Netherlands and insurance risks.

Pensioen collectief premieberekening

Employee Benefits Netherlands strict legislation

Employee Benefits Netherlands

The labour conditions are a fine-grained system of pension and Employee Benefits Netherlands. Especially the terms and premiums for sick leave conditions and disability arrangements are to be sharply calculated. The premiums are often high and can affect the profits of your company. With professional guidance these costs can be mitigated. Sometimes the terms and premiums of Dutch Employee Benefits are mandatory, but often they can be lowered. Below you find a explanation of the pension system in the Netherlands.

Pension plan part of Employee Benefits Netherlands

Pension plan is a term that relates to a series of financial agreements that give your employee an income in retirement. A pension scheme generally consists of three parts:

A statutory state pension

From the age of 67 year, anyone living in the Netherlands will receive a state pension under the AOW General Age Act. The Dutch AOW pension (paid under the National Old Age Pensions Act, AOW) is a basic state pension. In general, everyone who has reached the AOW retirement age and resided or resided in the Netherlands was entitled to an AOW pension. The SVB pays your AOW pension from the day you reach the AOW retirement age that applies to you. It does not matter which country you currently live. Information

An employer’s pension

Under the administration of an insurer or pension fund, the contributions paid by the company will be reserved for the employee’s Employee Benefits Netherlands allowance. The pension fund will provide information on the target pension and the promised value in an Annual Uniform Pension Statement (UPO).

A supplementary pension

Your employee may have made private arrangements to supplement his pension through savings, investments or an insurance company’s or pension fund annuity. Employee Benefits Netherlands can be additional to personal savings.

Company Insurance risk

Dutch Employee Benefits and Insurance risks

Insurance risks such as liability, fire, theft, and other risks are also important to be able to handle immediately. Sickness insurances, disability or accidents. We offer a wide range of solutions for the basic and professionals risks.

Liability can be

  1. a general liability,
  2. professional liability and/or
  3. a directors liability.

Information Employee Benefits Netherlands

Employee liability and managerial liability are risks that can significantly affect the business profits in the Netherlands. There are few experts in the Netherlands who can advise in terms of the working conditions for the employees, pension, and business risks. Therefore, when choosing an Dutch adviser, take the advisor who is qualified and in possession of all the obligations that the supervisor requires.

Gerrit-Jan Doorneweerd is an independent insurance broker that meets all the requirements. The pension advice, Employee Benefits Netherlands and Business insurances are therefore in good hands with me and my company.

  • Please give me a call. Mobile 0651-471 nine – six – five

Information and Calculations

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The employee pension contribution 2020 calculation

A free example of a employee pension contribution.

employee pension contribution 2018

At the end of the month of January , everyone will receive a new payroll. For employers, it is therefore important (if applicable) to state the new own pension contribution. The calculation of the own contribution is as follows.

If there is an employee pension contribution in a pension scheme, then this contribution is often a percentage of the pension salary. (for example 4%). Pension salary = Full-time Annual Salary minus State pension franchise.  This fulltime Pension salary times the part-time percentage yields the correct pension salary. The employee pension premium contribution is thus a percentage of this salary.

A calculation example employee pension contribution

  • Salary € 34,167, – fulltime
  • State pension franchise (2020) € 14.167, – fulltime
  • Pensionsalary € 20,000, -fulltime
  • Part-time percentage 80%
  • Pensionsalary € 16,000, –
  • Employee pension premium contribution (for example ) 4% per annum € 640, – per year
  • Per month € 53.33 employee contribution
  1. Maximum pensionable salary is set at aprox. € 108,000.
  2. Forgotten employee pension contribution. Has your own pension contribution been forgotten on the salary slip? An employee can make up for this by paying it immediately via the next pay slip. Sometimes an employer also offers the opportunity to spread this over a period of the next 12 months.
  3. Overpaying your own pension contribution. Please note that you will never be able to calculate your own contribution more than the premium is paid by the employer.
  4. “Pension Distance Declarations” are out of the question. Here are the reasons. If you want to register an employee for the pension scheme, then think about a number of things. The date in service is usually set for example on 1 January , while the actual date in service may be far in the past. This can be a problem especially for the survivor’s pension. In that case, too little survivor’s pension is insured. Clearly state the expiry of the waiver so that it is official and accurate.
  5. Partner definition. If in doubt, check the partner definition in a employee pension contribution. This differs from the tax partner definition. A pension fund or insurer sometimes makes specific demands on the partner definition.
  6. Registration. Always report changes to the pension advisor. They help and correct where necessary. You will always receive a confirmation. That is so easy because from then on we take care of everything.

Calculation defined contribution scheme

Information and Calculations

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Pension management. Easy but professional. Online pricing.

Good pension management depends on finding the right balance between competing interests such as attractive pensions, costs, certainty, indexing, risk and manageability. At the same time, proper account has to be taken of the interests of both the employer (the sponsor) and the employees. We have a wide-ranging experience of the various solutions that can be deployed to answer questions .

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Questions to be asked pension management

  • How can organisations use their pension scheme to differentiate themselves from their labour market competitors?
  • How can we minimise the risks and costs of their scheme?
  • How can we offer participants attractive pensions in return for acceptable contributions?
  • How can regulations and pension schemes be made comprehensible and operate transparently?

Pension management = Employee benefit

pension management

Good pension management enables organisations to provide pension schemes meeting the needs of current and future employees, while also helping them to achieve their organisational objectives. Good pensions mean employees can count on a financially secure retirement, while employers can attract and retain the right people at an acceptable cost and level of risk.

Pension balance

The key to good pension management, therefore, is to find the right balance between the various competing interests. Providing an attractive pension scheme comes at a cost, while there is also a tension between guaranteeing future pensions and preserving their value. Employers seeking to reduce risks by contracting out their pension scheme management also need to ensure they maintain sufficient control over the details of the scheme.

Pension management specialist

We have the knowledge and experience needed to advise organisations and provide them with a policy framework for resolving these issues. The wealth of knowledge built up during the sector’s long history means it has the expertise to deal with wide-ranging forms of pensions, whether they are defined benefit or defined contribution schemes or a hybrid form. And whether they are part of a sector pension fund or an organisation’s occupational fund or directly insured by an insurance company.

Call me please

If you think I might be able to help you with pension management
Gerrit-Jan Doorneweerd, registered Pension Advisor,
Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 6200825
Mobile, 0651 471 9 – six – five. (Also in the evening and weekend.)
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